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Answer: 'When matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other and the mass is converted into energy--specifically, into gamma-rays. If a distant galaxy were made of antimatter , it would constantly be producing gamma-rays as it encountered the matter in the intergalactic gas clouds that exist throughout galaxy clusters.

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Answer: Infinity Dimensions are a special set of Dimensions unlocked well after Breaking Infinity . They are unlocked individually once you get enough Antimatter , then are purchased using Infinity Points. You can only buy 10 at a time. They will be reset to their base amounts upon Big Crunching.

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Answer: Antimatter Dimensions is a popular web-based incremental video game made by Hevipelle. It has loads of content, with 5 Prestige Mechanics and 2 extensive Prestige Layers.

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Answer: Antimatter Dimensions can be understood with a physics analogy. Antimatter is distance, 1st Dimensions are speed (they increase your antimatter linearly over time), 2nd Dimensions are acceleration (increasing 1st Dimensions linearly over time increases antimatter by t^2 over time) and so on.

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Game Details
  • Platform:Android
  • Developer:Jakub Kajfosz
  • Category:Simulation
  • Updated:23 Nov 2020
  • Requirements:Android 4.4 and up
  • Current Version:2.33.2
  • Available on:google-play
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